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For professionals when
time is money
Whenever you mainly work on the computer and on multiple clients or projects, ClockAssist is built for you.
IT managers
Law firms
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Sound familiar? You...
...log time at the end of the day but have no idea what you did. your inbox and calendar to reconstruct your day.
...fill in hours on Friday, sometimes for the whole week.
...can't get the hang of starting and stopping timers.
That's all history
ClockAssist automatically tracks which client you are working on within 250+ software programs, including your phone calls. Within your current project software, we are your perfect memory-aid to base your timesheets on!
Increases billability
with up to 10%
By tracking forgotten time, we to increase your client billability by 10%.
Track up to 15%
more customers
Short calls and emails often disappear. ClockAssist never forgets.
Saves 4 hours of time
logging each month
Logging time takes a lot of time. Automating saves you an average of 4 hours per month.
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