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User privacy is
our top-priority

Employee privacy is our absolute top priority. Detected activity is only visible to the employee himself. Only when the employee chooses to do so will it become visible to colleagues.
Only you have access to recorded activity
No one but you can see what activity is registered for you. It is 100% private to you.
Advanced filter ignores private activity
Despite yourself only having access to your data, private activity is automatically ignored.
Turn tracking on or off when you want it
Through ClockAssist's control panel, you determine whether tracking is on or off.
We only make an proposal. You decide.
You retain all the ability to modify our registration before you sync it to your crm.
ClockAssist is
ISO27001 certified
Your data is in safe hands with us. We maintain the highest standards when it comes to data security.
We will never become a "BigBrother"tool
ClockAssist is a tool to help you time faster and better. That's what we stand for.
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