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ClockAssist automatically tracks your workday and
is your memory-aid within ClickUp.
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Log time more easily, quickly and completely
By tracking forgotten time, we manage to increase client billability by 10%.
Client & project recognition in 250+ software tools
Automatic detection of which client or project you are working on within 250+ software tools.
Add-on for ClickUp,
not a replacement
There is no need to switch from your current software in which time is now being written.
Tracking time with a
memory-aid, that adds up.
Users track their time
faster and easier
Hours of activity
tracked today
Otherwise forgotten
hours tracked today
Increased revenue for
ClockAssist-users today
Use ClockAssist
your way
As a memory-aid
within ClickUp itself
Within ClickUp, ClockAssist shows you exactly how you spent your working day. The ideal reminder to base your timesheets on.
These are the Free and Starter plans.
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Track time within ClockAssist
with a sync to ClickUp
Track your hours within the highly optimized interface of ClockAssist with seamless synchronization of registered hours to ClickUp.
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Is it really that easy?
Don’t take our word for it.
Thanks to ClockAssist, I have fully processed my timesheets in the blink of an eye. I can no longer go without it!
Alex Koppenhol
I just forget things if I would only check my calendar and emails. It would add 10-20% to my billability.
Angie Devroom
Colleagues for whom timekeeping a challenge are now the biggest ClockAssist ambassadors.
Wim Halverhout

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